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We continue our 13 year journey of preserving memories with a single integrated technology company.

You can now enjoy the market's first product that combines analog scanning, restoration, and cloud storage.

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Video Tape Transfer Service

VHS, Video8, Hi-8, Betamax, VHS-C, MiniDV

How many tapes to transfer?

CONSUMER VIDEO TRANSFER $15.00 $11.00 / reel
CONSUMER VIDEO TRANSFER $25.00 $18.00 / reel
PAL VIDEO TRANSFER $27.50 $19.00 / reel
PAL VIDEO TRANSFER $41.25 $29.00 / reel
PRO VIDEO TRANSFER $45.00 $32.00 / reel
PRO VIDEO TRANSFER $67.50 $47.00 / reel

Select your required quality

  • Lossless Digital Transfer
  • Time-base correction
  • Grain Reduction
  • Artifact reduction
  • Lossless Digital Transfer
  • Time-base correction
  • Grain Reduction
  • Artifact reduction
$0.00 Select output
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  • STEP 1

    Select your media, quantity and quality requirements

  • STEP 2

    Select your outputs - DVD, HDD, Memorable App etc.

  • STEP 3

    Send us your media and we’ll get everything digitized with the best quality for you.

  • STEP 4

    We’ll send your media back to you. Enjoy it forever.

Quality Comparison

Showing the difference between preservation and remastered quality

What tape format do I have?

To help you identify what you have

VHS Date Released 1970's Standard Runtime 120 mins
Hi-8 Date Released 1985 Standard Runtime 120 mins
VHS-C Date Released 1982 Standard Runtime 30 mins
MINI DV Date Released 1995 Standard Runtime 60 Mins
BETAMAX Date Released 1975 Standard Runtime 120 mins
BETACAM SP Date Released 1986 Standard Runtime 60 mins
BETACAM SP Date Released 1986 Standard Runtime 30 mins
U-MATIC 3/4" Date Released 1971 Standard Runtime 30 mins

What’s the best output for my tapes?

Tapes generally have 240-480 lines of resolution. A DVD maximizes the resolution of analog tapes, however compresses the image in the process. Uncompressed AVI's/MOV's are recommended for archiving and editing as they contain zero loss in quality compared to DVD, import natively into PC or Mac video editing software, and allow storing hundreds of hours on a single external device (with a recommended backup).

Blu-ray is an alternative/supplement to DVD since it allows the same convenience of player-TV connectivity while increasing the storage capacity on a single disc; up to 10 hours of content in DVD-quality can be stored on a blu-ray in reference to video transfers, which is the equivalent of 5 full 2-hr DVD's.

Additional Services

Tape Repair & Tape Cleaning Please call 800-557-3508 for more information.