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We continue our 13 year journey of preserving memories with a single integrated technology company.

You can now enjoy the market's first product that combines analog scanning, restoration, and cloud storage.

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From the Memorable family
HD transfer 4K for images, 1920x1080 for film, 720x480 for tapes. Color correction and restoration Noise reduction for films and tapes. Color correction and dirt removal for film and slides/negatives. State-of-the-art organization Each reel, tape, and batch of images output to timeline with original date for navigation.

8mm, Super 8, and 16mm film digitization

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Includes: HD scanning, restoration, organization, flash drive, secure online access, 1 year of unlimited photo and video storage, shipping, and 100% guarantee.

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89 Aggregate Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
Linda Diamond

They were professional and finished our order while we waited. Would definitely recommend


George K.

I just used their service on 10+ years (36 hours) of VHS and Super 8 and was very happy.


Olga Meyer

Very good and quick service


Anthony Cundari

Memorable converted 4000 ft of Super 8 with sound movie film for me. Excellent Results! Turnaround time was 2 weeks. I gave my daughters flash drives with the movies since they were the stars of the movies. They loved being able to see them and themselves on their TV's anytime they wished to do so. Now the technical highlight. The real advantage over doing it myself which I was preparing to do with my projector and camcorder is that Memorable uses a sprocket-less drive system so there is no sprocket drive noise! They also look at the film for quality of their transfer. They noted a half moon shape on some of the film images which was from when I forgot to raise the boom microphone to clear the lens. They also noted that they had redone one reel when they were not satisfied with the results. Before I started using sound film, a few of the first 3 minute reels were not sound film and they also noted that in their report to me. My movies dated from the early to mid to late 1980's. I renamed the 15 files on the flash drive copies to reflect the dates of the original recordings so my daughters could easily select what they wanted to watch from the TV screen menu. I had checked with another major nationally advertised film transfer service last year but they couldn't handle sound film; Memorable could and they did an excellent job for me.


Renee A.

This was such a life saver! I have been wanting to save our old vhs videos for years and didn't know where to start. I saw a great promo they had during thanksgiving and thought i would give it a try. I was able to get TEN tapes converted in less an a week! Hassle free and totally worth the money. I love that they were also on a USB drive so I can upload it onto my computer for my family to see. I'll def come back again!


Mark G.

Found some old 8mm home movies in a box and dropped them here. They said they had some space in their schedule and managed to get them transferred in less than 24 hours! The films looked great after transfer, despite being over fifty years old. And when my parents went to pick up the DVDs, they made a point of telling me how friendly and helpful the person was who helped them out. Great all around!


Jeff B.

The team at Memorable just helped me convert a montage and logo loop to Blu Ray for an upcoming event. They were even able to help me set up the logo so it looped continually. The work was done promptly and right the first time. Use this business without reservation, you'll be glad you did.


Barbra S.

The best! Excellent product/service value and exceptional customer service ! Simple to send in reels and can watch from An iPhone ! Easy to reach them if you have any questions.


Francisco Gomez


Bill Giannini

Memorable did an outstanding job of digitizing 400 photos for us recently. We now will have them in the Family forever. Also, gave us a thumb drive with the photos as well. Great work and will always use them.


Kimmy D.

Memorable converted my 1970's super 8 films and the quality is AMAZING! The films had been in my parent basement for 40+ years, with flooding, dust, bugs & mice. I wasn't even sure if the films could be converted. The cleaned and transferred every single one to digital. The picture is clear, the color is fantastic. My siblings and I were completely amazing by the quality. The company supplies you with a shipping label, they update the website throughout the process and from shipping date to delivery of the files it was just under two weeks. I had researched many other companies, but reviews do not lie. Memorable is a fantastic company to trust with your precious memories! Thank you Memorable!


Angie Kemp

I couldn't wait to see the results of having my Super 8 film transferred to digital. I was very pleased and am excited to see my Dad's face when he gets this as a gift for Christmas. Very nice experience and plan to send my remaining film to Memorable. Recommend!


Jason S.

I tried Memorable after not being impressed with another company's 8mm transfers. My first step was to ask Memorable what equipment they used. Eugene, the founder, responded almost immediately and told me they use the very advanced FlashscanHD system for 8mm transfers. That fact, combined with how responsive they were--not to mention their low-priced bundles--convinced me to give them a shot. I sent them almost 20 of our old precious 8mm family movies. About 10 days later, I was pleasantly surprised when my movies started showing up on their site even before they shipped back my reels. I also like the fact that I can download the HQ versions online or share links with family. Sometimes the videos took a while to come up but eventually I could play them all, and downloading was fast. They also let me send along a large USB hard disk onto which they put the massive uncompressed transfers so I can edit them myself in my video software. This gives me the most peace of mind knowing I have the best quality version of these precious reels, and that if I learn something new with my video software, I can go back to the original files and edit them. I also noticed that Memorable used the correct frame rate on my 8mm transfers (16fps) whereas the other company used 29.9fps. I am delighted with the results and will be sending them our last nine reels this week. I am also going to send them two large 7" reels that the other company transferred because now I can see Memorable's FlashscanHD transfers are superior. Kudos to Eugene and his team for providing an excellent product and excellent customer service.


Tyler Gish

Excellent work. The quality and turnaround time were outstanding.


Kendall F.

Highly recommend Memorable! They digitized a dozen 8mm family movies I found from the 1950's and the results were tremendous. The color corrections were amazing and the movies are now cherished by the entire family. The staff at Memorable was knowledgeable, professional, pleasant to deal with and turned around my project in a timely manner. I plan on using Memorable again for additional family movie conversions from VHS and DV. Five Stars


S. H.

I really like Pixcel/memorable because they stand by their work. A number of years ago, I brough in my VHS wedding tapes to be remastered onto DVD. They came out lighter and the color was off etc. TUrns out, the tapes were NOT the master copy I thought I had purchased in '92 after my wedding. But COPIES. They could not fix from copies the way they could the original. So they went back to just putting it on DVD and while it looked the same as the video, not enhanced, the colors etc were just a great, preserved copy. And they did not charge me for the original attempt. I did however, end up bring hundreds more photos to them and have another monster box to bring them soon. Highly recommend.


Bob Miller

These guys are pretty good. I wish the app was better suited to our needs, but we are very pleased with the service and I highly recommend it.


Karen Boles

Great customer service. Really good quality. I've used other digital conversion services in the past for old video reels and the quality of the digital files from Memorable is far better. Will definitely use them again.


Ura Rol

I was looking long time ago some one who can transfer my super 8mm film into digital, but it was a must they have sprocketless Film Scanner because a lot of the film I have is damaged. Another must they should have is the wetgate solution to minimize the visibility of damaged parts of the film. And thanks to a person at Nikon I find Memorable and I contact Dan Zonca. I was afraid to send all the 18 big rolls I have so I sent one to see how was the quality of the transfer and I was amazed the job they did, I was so happy that I sent immediately the other 17 rolls. I´m very grateful first with the excellent work they did but also to Dan Zonca for his help and attentions.


Andrew A.

My experience with Memorable was outstanding. Turn around was quick and easy. I had a bunch of old super 8mm home movies from the 70's converted to 4K video files. The quality was amazing, and now the movies are preserved to pass down to my daughter. Cost was very reasonable. I will definitely use their service again and would recommend them to anyone.


Tony D.

Memorable did a great job on transferring my Super-8 sound college film made some 40 years ago. It looks like the day it was made, and the sound is excellent. Eugene & his staff have the best possible equipment to do transfers of unusual formats like Super-8 sound. They also do a great job on slides, prints, videotapes and all the other audio-video formats. Thanks again!


Barbara Salisbury

Dan was Awesome. Not only did he get my work done super fast, he discovered 1 of the tapes was not what I thought it was, so he saved me on that one. Thanks so much! Will definitely be back with more projects!



I was putting off my project of digitalizing my VHS tapes for a long time. Memorable made it very easy, fast and affordable. Thank you very much!


Tony D.

Words cannot describe how incredible Memorable is!!! I am so happy I went with Memorable to restore and digitize my 3,000 feet of 8mm footage from the 1950s to 1970s (and also 2 Betamax tapes). Before deciding on Memorable, I spent about a month doing detailed research of all the companies out there who offered restoration of 8mm footage (I was also looking at a few wetgate companies, but in the end I didn't think they were as good as what Memorable had to offer). I choose Memorable in the end for a number of reasons - first off, the quality of their sample footage looked to be among the best. Secondly, Eugene (the founder of Memorable) was so wonderful to work with - I e-mailed him multiple questions every day for several weeks, asking all kinds of questions about the process (I mean really detailed questions!), and he always responded very quickly with detailed answers. He literally answered every single one of my questions (and I must have asked 20 questions!). He was so kind and informative. So A+ for customer service! Beyond that, I was apprehensive in general about sending all of our footage in the mail (was worried about the mailing service losing it). Eugene said that they have never lost any footage in all the years they've been doing this. I think a lot of that is because they pay for you to send them your footage in 2-Day shipping (either UPS or FedEx). Sending it rushed shipping like this helps to prevent it from getting lost in the mail (there's also detailed tracking information on your package, I was checking the tracking information on it like every 5 minutes, haha - it constantly updated which was nice). But in any case, it took less than a month to get all of our videos back (the originals we sent as well as the hard drive, which contained both ProRes and mp4 files, and also a Blu-Ray they made). And WOW.... I can NOT describe how SHOCKED we were at how AMAZING the 8mm footage looked!!!!!!!!! It was unreal!!!!!!!!! My Grandfather had got them transferred to VHS in the 1980s, but that transfer looked like absolute garbage compared to Memorable's transfer! Their HD sprocketless scanner individually scanned each and every frame of film, and then I believe they put each scan in to the computer to generate a digital video file (this eliminates the problem of having the projector slow down and speed up, so you get a constant, stable frame rate). Everything is SO clear, it actually looks WAY better than our VHS home movies from the 80s and 90s, which is crazy! It's crystal clear, it's bright (but not at all too bright), the brightness/contrast ratio is just perfect. Just, WOW! Words seriously cannot describe how wonderful this footage works. Memorable informed me every step of the way too - they called me when they were finished with my footage to let me know the package was coming. A few days after I received it, they e-mailed me to ask how I liked the footage. In short - if you're looking to get your 8mm footage transferred, GO WITH MEMROABLE! You will NOT regret it!!!!!!!


W.G. Nugent

Fantastic !


Joel J.

Memorable did a great job converting some old VHS tapes from the mid 80's which were shot on a home camcorder. Needless to say video recording has come a very long way since then. Nevertheless they did a great job converting the footage they had to work with. I would certainly go back again when the need arises.



Amazing work on 16mm film shot between 1956-1960. Cleaning and color restoration high quality. Digital output clarity was practically as good as the original film. Reasonably quick turnaround. I will use Memorable Inc again when converting reels of film or photographs.



We had a 1950's era home 8mm home movie copied to DVD. Once the copy was made, Memorable sent a link to view the video online while we waited for the DVD. Couldn't be happier with the quality.


Bill N.

This was a great experience. My goal was to get a box of paper photos and a bunch of old video tapes loaded into my Google Photo App. The pictures were easy to upload from the CD they came on. The videos were on DVD, and they too were easy once I tried doing it from Chrome rather than Safari. Went to the Memorable website, downloaded a dozen videos, walked away for an hour, came back and hit upload into Google Photos, and when I returned in another hour it was complete. Having all these old pictures and videos easily accessible on my phone is fantastic.


Steve R.

Brought in -50- videos. They did a great job! Answered all of my questions and got the job on time. I am going back again to finish the rest of my videos.


Jose M Nevarez

I am so grateful for your service. I thought those films were too damaged to be able to get anything out of it, but Memorable Inc. Got those images out of it and made them look great. This film was of my girlfriend's parents wedding and so many of those people filmed are gone by now, but now her parents are able to enjoy seeing their friends and older family members again. Thank you so much, I will recommend you to anyone.


Mike C.

Very High quality transfers, the Super 8 movie I had transferred had sound and it all came out beautiful sound and all and with their sprocketless transfer scanner you barely saw the tape splices. The color was like brand new very saturated.. I even gave them a SSD hard drive to transfer mine plus the DVD... I will use Memorable again for my 16mm Student films from Columbia College, I would recommend them to any one Mike C


Eddie D.

The service was very competent. I gave a relatively big order of about 30 video cassettes to be digitized. A few films came out poorly; I can't know if it is due to the original film being so bad it couldn't be done better or the process not being done as good as possible. But most seem quite good. The owner-manager is very helpful and responsive to requests. I intend on bringing them more.


Leslie B.

I've been bringing small orders (photos, tapes) for several years. I recently brought in my first bulk order, as I'm ready to digitize and organize all of my old family photos. I wouldn't entrust these treasures to anyone else. Memorable has proven to be consistently excellent with regard to both service and quality.


GR Berger

A little while ago, my first project with Memorable was to capture 8mm film and a VHS tape to electronic and discs as an introductory project with them. That went so well, this past January I brought in over 35 VHS tapes spanning 20 years of family history to capture to electronic files and Blu-Ray DVDs. They did a fantastic job in terms of helpfulness, quality of work, communication and efficiency. I appreciate that the video files are my property and am able to edit them as I please. Not all companies allow this. They are so easy to work with and look forward to my next projects with them. I highly recommend Memorable.


Dan Tranter

I was extremely happy with the VHS to blu ray transfer project that Memorable completed for me. I had brought in 5 very old VHS tapes from the late 80s and they converted it to stunningly clear digital quality. Their service was professional, fast, and the updates were often. I have tried other services for the same type of work and this place was the best by far.


David D.

I would recommend any time have had old 8mm films converted. great quality in the conversion. Quick turn around. it is great to be able to see the films and allow family to see them. working on my 3 order to complete all the films. thanks


John Clemens

Outstanding service, outstanding quality, and extremely helpful staff. Seriously, start this project you have been thinking about and putting off. Give these folks a call now and get started on it. All my relatives are ecstatic about the quality. They love the invites I send them to view the old family movies and photos the Memorable cloud service provides. Best money I have spent in a long time!


Stefano Guandalini

I had many old reels form early 60’s to mid 70’s, some in B/W, some in color, some with soundtrack some silent. And in 8mm as well as Single8. The results of the transfer, delivered in a portable 1Tb hard drive, were superb! I had sent previously couple of these reels to Walgreens and Costco, and I can honestly say there is no comparison. Kudos!



Great experience with Memorable. They were very patient and responsive with my questions via email before I sent in my analog film. The digital transfer went beyond my expectations, since the film was forty years old. And the turn-around time was as expected. I highly recommend this company.


Kathy Ruth

Discovering this has been a miracle for me! I ordered the box, and it came with instructions and a FedEx label to send back. These were my mother in law's tapes and I was a bit hesitant to send them, but I had the best experience. There is a website where you can check the progress and that was wonderful. Also, I had marked the rolls of tape in their cases, and they called me to make sure of the order I wanted. While they were on the phone, I asked for a FedEx label for the next shipment. My tapes and DVD arrived, and the label was enclosed. I would recommend Memorable Media to anyone. The reel tapes that were sent arrived back to me, and they ALL fit on one DVD! I'm packing up my next box and am confident they will do an EXCELLENT job! The quality and professionalism here is above and beyond anything I've experienced. Thank you so much!!


Dominic B.

Old film 16 mm from my wife's Mom who had recently pasted; much was more than 50 yrs old, but looks like new on the DVD's created. Was shown at the 1st family reunion after her passing. Thank you for the memories.


James M. Courtney

The capture to digital video of my parents half century old 8mm films by Memorable turned out as well as I could have expected. The mpeg-4 video files produced by Memorable are full HD 1080p and match the 16 frames per second rate of the original 8mm films.


Amazon Customer

Will use them again. Easiest thing I've ever done and the quality is great.


Amazon Customer

I had 2 large Super 8 reels converted to digital files. The quality is great and it was amazing to see these movies for the first time in over 40 years. The process was smooth and the people were great to work with.



I'll be ordering more boxes over the coming months. Recommend.


Kyle W.

For years my brother and I have been searching for a way to get all our old home movies digitized. Everywhere we looked the prices were outrageous. I came across Memorable on Amazon, and so we decided to give it a try. We could not be happier. The price was great, the service was even better. Our movies look fantastic, the original films were taken care of, and everything was sent back to us, even the old damaged boxes that some of our reels were in. I cant wait to place another order, I just have so much stuff that I want done I do not know where to begin, but when I figure out what I want done next I will be using Memorable. They did a fantastic job A+.


Roy E Sims

Not clear or easy to understand how much film to send for basic price. Had to pay large extra fee for too much film. Product that was returned was excellent.


Teah Lord

I decided to try this service because they teamed with Amazon and everything is easier on Amazon. I have a ton of films to be transferred so I sent a sampling of each kind to get a feel for the price and quality. I sent 2 large 16mm, 2 medium, and 2 tiny reels all from the 1940's to 1970's. They were remastered to perfection! They are incredible. It is worth every penny to pay for the remastering. I sent a VHS and a camcorder tape. I did not remaster those because they are more recent. They turned out perfect. I sent an old SD card and the photos are beautiful. The website didn't load quite right but the CEO called me after hours from home and got it fixed asap. He followed up with me several times. The customer service is superior!! They do not exactly upload it to Prime Photos for you but it is 2 clicks on their website to export them. It was very easy and I am completely inept at tech. I will be sending the rest of my ancient 16mm and 8mm to them over time to space out the cost. I am so happy to finally be transferring these films after my Mom storing them since She inherited them 20 years ago and 10 years of me keeping them dry and safe. I can finally let them go before they start to rot and smell like vinegar. After I reviewed my estimate and paid, the turnaround was only a week and I filled that box! I highly recommend this box deal. This company is truly wonderful!


Kathy L.

I have dropped off old audio and video tapes at Memorable three times and I haven't been disappointed. They've converted my valuable memories, nicely organized and marked. I highly recommend their work. They have a helpful team of people there. If you want your memories handled with care, this is the place!


Amazon Customer

Excellent service. I inadvertently threw out box that they had sent for shipping. Once informed they received films, I asked them to hold off shipping as I would be away on vacation.Always coutteous, took time to answer my questions. Had been told on phone that films had been overexposed. Tough to hear as were films of deceased mother but the films had also laid in storage for 47 years.


Ed Pearlman

Memorable was easy to work with, went the extra mile with personalized service, good pricing and a turnaround time that was quick even during Christmas rush. This was for a project transferring a 30-year-old video to DVD with menu and multiple copies. I originally found them when trying to find someone who could make a DVD out of an old 16 mm film that had a separate reel for its soundtrack. No problem, good results, and very reasonable prices! Happy to work with them even from halfway across the country.


Jeanne Burke

Quick attention to my project of converting my dad's old, old films. Thank you! You are a great team!!!



Most Excellent. I had five 400-foot reels transferred. Some of my 16mm films date from the 1930s and 1940s. One of them may be the world's oldest Kodachrome home movie. The film, which we verified with Kodak, predates by at least a year the release of Kodachrome 16mm. Needless to say, I was very concerned about preserving the film itself. The transfer was superb. The films were handled carefully and returned intact. Their frame-by-frame conversion faithfully preserved the colors and the high resolution makes the films sparkle on our large-screen, plasma television. There was a minor issue and they quickly resolved my order and shipping goof. I have at least ten more reels that I'll be sending to them after the first of the year. In the past, I've used some chain-store transfer services. Memorable's work was orders of magnitude better.


A fan

Fantastic Product -- a great way to preserve and re-live your memories. I have ~50 Hi 8 tapes (and a couple of VHS) that remained just as tapes until I found Memorable. Initially, despite great reviews, I was not very confident and, after much research (including COSTCO service), I decided to purchase this. The process was very simple and straightforward - selected the "product" in Amazon and ordered it just as any other product. I got a box with a pre-paid label. I sent them only 25 tapes to begin with. Within less than ~8 business days of sending it, I got an email that my videos were ready to be viewed and was provided a link to get them. I can go to that site, view, download, and upload to Amazon drive. It is that simple!!! It is a totally painless and completely hassle free process. The customer service is great (yes, I did call them within those ~8 days:)). I had requested for DVD copies as well. They called me to confirm that there would be an incremental charge of $3 per video. I am glad that I ordered the DVD copies as well - which I got neatly labeled and in a case. I love them so much that I am now sending my second batch over to them!!


John Robert Devers

I was very pleased with the results of transferring my old film to DVD. The movies were not only restored but were greatly improved from the original. The movie are sharper and better lit than the original film. Also the free cloud storage has been great for sharing with others. It is worth every penny to have this done.


Phillip L Smith

Very well done! Crystal clear picture.


Brian L.

Excellent quality result from my parents old 8mm reels from the early 60's. Uploaded to Amazon drive, then downloaded to my phone, and computer for safe long term storage. Received original films back intact and boxes indicating the ID of memorable having processed them for easy tracking to which video file. Highly recommended.


A fan

Initially, I had a lot of concerns mailing my treasured home videos to an unknown mail address. But after the service initially (had got done 25 HD8 cassettes), I will now send them my next batch!! The service is great and the product good. Completely hassle-free! I, in fact, had a couple done via COSTCO in the past but would definitely recommend Memorable.



The "proof is in the pudding". 8mm tapes (5 of them) from early 60's (1960-64). Perfect reproduction, better than I ever thought possible. The original source materials were languishing in a basement more than 50 years. If I can find 5 more, I'd employ them in a heartbeat, to do it again. They were quick to offer help to access resulting videos. Thanks for the great job!



DVD was great, awesome quality. Would definitely recommend.



Very fast and courteous service. I can definitely recommend them and will use them again in the future. They did a FANTASTIC job!


Amazon Customer

Wow! So cool! I now have a hundreds of photos in my Cloud Drive. I’ve put off scanning years of photo albums for...well, YEARS- but I finally decided to take the plunge. The “Memorable Box” made it so easy. I organized my photos in batches by year. (Memorable uses the dates so that everything shows up at the right time in your drive account) That alone has saved me hours in organizing. They work with videotapes and film as well so now I’m working on getting my tapes organized to send!! Thanks Memorable!!!


Joy S.

I was so glad to find Memorable right here in Northbrook. With the daunting task of sorting and reviewing my parents collection from the last 80+ years it is great to have this resource. The staff is easy to talk to and answered my 1000 questions. I felt comfortable leaving my precious video in their hands. I was so excited to get my video transferred and to be able to watch it on the large screen. I am just at the beginning of this journey but confident Memorable will be a good partner in this process.


Marius S.

Good quality transfer from my tapes to mp4, including enhancements and conversion from PAL. Excellent customer service. Got the tapes back in good condition.



I am very happy with my transfer -- for an additional $3.00 I also go DVD's made to share with family!! Service was phenomenal when I called about getting the videos on my amazon cloud account -- I am not a digital native so needed some help with this!! Stephen and Harrison are the go to guys!!



100% recommended. Excellent service, results, experience. I had 20 8mm reel films restored and saved for my mother's 90th birthday. Some were from the late 1950's and we hadn't seen them in years. From getting an email response of a few questions I had to the follow up phone call, it was an amazing experience. The films now digitized and in my Drive, look like they could have been filmed today. They can now be accessed any time from any of my devices. Even the box with all the packing materials to send back to them was great! I will definitely be using them again to preserve and digitize more film and vhs tapes.. If you are nervous about sending your media - don't be. You will be thrilled with the results, I'm sorry I waited so long.


John Neiman

Great Service! Beautiful results from the transfer. And it is nice to have a backup cloud service that you can view easily view to ensure your movies are safe.


Stephen G.

I had 23 old films from my childhood which i wanted to preserve forever. I shipped them off to Memorable, 3336 Commercial Ave, Northbrook, Illinois, 800557, 800 557 3508 and they came back on computer disks. You can see the good job they did at my YouTube Channel


John W Clemens

I have been using this company for well over a year now. For years I have been wanting to tackle the insurmountable job of organizing, digitizing, and backing up all my family media memories. Then I found these guys. What a blessing! I have had them convert all my 8 mm film, video tapes of all formats, pictures, 35 mm slides, negatives. Everything I have had converted is safely stored with them, and now accessible from anywhere on any device. I also have everything backed up at home on hard drives. First let me say the quality of the conversion is incredible. I could not imagine my old family 8 mm film could look as good as it does. The Remastering process is outstanding. The ability to organize everything by time line, by names of people, etc is pure genius. This gives you the flexibility to individualize your account easily. I can send my friends and family individual links by email to access that media I want to share with them. The Memorable app is seamless, intuitive, and available on all devices. Customer service is also one of the companies strongpoints, they are always available and eager to help in anyway. If you haven't picked up on it by now, I simply cannot say enough about this company. Do yourself a favor and try them. Before anything happens to all your family media treasures.


Kathy Garofalo

I would like to highly recommend an excellent digitizing service for all your photos, 35mm slides, home movies and videos. Just had over 5000 photos, negatives, slides and home movies scanned and digitized by Memorable, which is located in Northbrook (formerly Pixcel). Eugene & his staff have done a wonderful job, and the results are impressive. Media editor Harrison Raybuck took the time to explain the process, as well as Memorable's timeline app, which gives you (and family) access to all your photos & videos on your PC, tablet, or phone by simply scrolling the date. It would have taken me several years to do what Memorable did in a few weeks and my results would not have been anywhere near as good.


Thomas Bartlett

Thanks to Memorable (formerly Pixcel) I've been able to salvage and preserve dozens of irreplaceable Super 8 sound movies I took over 50 years ago of long-gone musician friends and legends. I also was able to send my brother-in-law a slide show of many images of my deceased sister. He continually thanks me. Recently my Army buddies were treated to a show of photos from our days in the military at Camp Gordon in the 60's. The rapid deterioration of these images made it imperative to act now. Thank you Memorable!


Mary W. Caywood

Very advanced provider of photo, videos, film, slide restoration with cool unique ability to date and put all photos back decades not just digital photos. Employee helped me to understand some of benefits.


Amazon Customer

For my dads 70th, my siblings and I decided to get s bunch of old reels of tapes turned into digital copies. Lots of the film was getting very old and who knows how long it would have lasted. Memorial transferred 10 reels for us and they turned out wonderfully! Great customer support, timely service, and high quality film transfer. Highly recommend!!


Amazon Customer

It's amazing how you can make videos taken in the 70s look like they were just filmed the other day, and that's exactly what this company did for me. All of my family's home videos when we were kids have now been transferred into clean-cut, high-quality videos, making these memories come to life, which has been a dream of mine for far too long. It's incredible what these guys at Memorable can do and especially how they do it. I spoke with Harrison (employee) over the phone many times and he was very patient with all of my questions and concerns and walked me through every step of the way. Now my family can enjoy these remastered videos of some of our greatest memories growing up. Thank you, Memorable.


Amazon Customer

I do not know where to begin. City life has its space challenges. I have no clue how many boxes that I have been able to discard. Both my parents recently passed. Starting that process now of memories and history that I am finding there. Moving all of my old 8MM, pictures, slides (if you were born before 1970, you may not be familiar). All of ?my stuff" can be viewed by friends/ family at anytime. My laptop and a HDMI cord is all I need to take my show to the big screen. What a gift that keeps giving. Seeing 8MM film of my father at the 1960 Sydney Games was breathtaking. The team at Memorable is what customer service should be. I am not computer savvy. I called Harrison for help. Mind you, they already have my money. We scheduled an appointment and he took me through everything like a caring son or grandson would have (without the jabbing)...Nowhere near proficient, but getting there. I found this team when I saw that my boarding school (Culver Academy) entrusted them with their 125 history. Just Wednesday, my father in law got to watch a floor hockey game of his grandson from 20 years ago. He started crying. This is priceless. I would urge anyone to call the team at Memorable. The service they provide is invaluable to me and my family. This guy will be calling Harrison soon to drop off more stuff, and certainly get a refresher course that I won't even have to ask for. Do yourself and your entire family a favor, utilize this great team.



I gave these guys a shot because I needed to find a good service to help preserve and digitize old family videos I had that an update. What I got was something that caught me by surprise BIG time. This service was quick, efficient, and gave me exactly what I needed when it came to digitizing this old footage. I would recommend this service to anyone!!!


Amazon Customer

I would like to highly recommend an excellent digitizing service for your home movies. Just had over 50 home movies (both 8mm & 16mm sound & silent) scanned and digitized by Memorable, which is located in Northbrook. Eugene & his staff have done a wonderful job, and the results are impressive. I chose the remastered level, which includes cleaning and dirt & scratch removal. Media editor Harrison Raybuck took the time to thoroughly explain the process. According to Memorable, 8mm film resolves on average at 800 lines of resolution, and 16mm at 1200 lines of resolution. Along with their remastering software, my digitized files look better than the original film. It would have taken me several months to do what Memorable did in a few weeks and my results would not have been anywhere near as good. Check them out at


Leila Lewis

The pictures were very clear, clearer than I'd ever seen them before. Needless to say, our family was very pleased with the results!!


M. Brunner

I recently had memorable inc transfer several items for me including some Super 8 footage of my grandmas wedding and a multitude of photos. Firstly, let me say that from start to finish this company is top notch. I had many questions regarding the handling of my precious memories which they had answered to my satisfaction. I even had called later in the process for some additional work which they were able to add on to my order without any problems. I was extremely satisfied with the results. I had given them some very old and damaged reel to reel video and was surprised at the quality of the video they were able to extract. It was a real pleasure for my grandmother to be able to view that footage that had not been seen for years. The company also went above and beyond when it came to scanning the photos. They carefully took photos from picture frames, scrap books, and loose ones as well without any damage during the process. They even had organized them better when they were returned to me! I was extremely satisfied with the scans as well. Overall I would recommend this company because they have a real passion for quality (vs. some of the other companies I had researched which basically "just get the job done" and nothing more) The owner of the company was telling me how they are constantly upgrading their machines to improve their quality while other companies may have had the same ones for years or even decades! I used the Amazon cloud upload service which allowed me to get my scans and vidoes very quickly and conveniently. Highly Recommend this service!!!


Marie Rivera

I never expected my parent’s old 8mm film to look SO GOOD! I am beyond impressed! I had about 40 small reels of old Kodachrome 8mm film. We had it transferred to VHS years ago by Wolf Camera but the tapes were useless once we got rid of our vcr player. I am so glad I got these retransferred. I don’t think they even looked this good on our original projector.


Joshua Miller

Now is the time to begin looking into saving your families Reglar8 and Super8 Kodachrome and Ektachrome home movies! Only 52% of all home movies shot from 1932 until 1960 are still in existence today! We have no way of knowing what we lost. Don't wait, save what you still have for future generations in your family. I decided to go with the remastered level. This involves the cleaning/lubricating transfer and digital remastering to remove any dirt, scratches or discoloration. The guys in Customer Service have been great, explaining each step of the process in depth for me, and alternating the film frame per second rate of each 50 foot reel for me, according to how I marked the speeds on each box. I've worked closely with Harrison, educating him on the different speeds of different cameras manufactured in the early 1960's. Some Regular 8 companies, like Bell&Howell, who made the 414PD, the model Dallas businessman Abraham Zapruder used to capture the assassination of President Kennedy during the last part of his downtown motorcade with, they changed to the 18 frames a second rate in 1961, a rate everyone would be set to by1965 with the introduction of Super8. Both services are fantastic and I would recommend the 8mm transfers to anyone with film form the 1932 introduction of the original Kodachrome on up through today's higher speed film stocks, to use Memorable. Call them today 1-800-557-3508!


Wendie R.

I would recommend Memorable to anyone who values their photos, movies or tapes. I brought in a large amount of 8mm reels from the 50's, VHS tapes, and photographs ranging from the early 1900's up to the present. I wanted to archive my family history so that my children and grandchildren could have them all preserved. My family sat down together to view the media on line and it brought to life family members, long gone, who they had heard stories about but had never seen. I worked with Harrison who gently walked this 60 something woman through the wonderful world of media preservation. Memorable did a great job of re-mastering materials that were aged so that they will always remain in the best condition possible. It was time and money well spent. Thank you Memorable...and Harrison


Gary Magnum

I sent my family's old super 8 filmstrip to the team at Memorable. We had it processed years ago by a local business back in the VHS days and I felt like it would be nice to reprocess it with today's technology. I was blown away by the results. I don't think that the quality was even this good coming out of the film projector. The team was great to work with and I knew that they cared about protecting and preserving my memories. I recommend this company to anyone else who has media they want to preserve.


Ben R.

Pixcel is the only place I go for reliable, high definition (1080p) transfers of my recently shot regular 8mm and Super 8mm film reels. They run great sales throughout the year, and I decided to use the half off the highest level of quality for 350' of film. I spent $84.00 for cleaning/lubricating, transfer and digital remastering to remove any dirt, scratches, or discoloration. The guys in Customer Service have been great, explaining each step of the process in depth for me, and correcting frame speed for me for every reel in the Digital Restoration page, as film frames per second rates were different for different cameras in the 1960's. I also bought a year's subscription to, Pixcel's new Cloud service where they load your films onto. allows one to store scanned analog and new digital pictures into a time line on the cloud server. Home movies, such as mine, which Pixcel uploads, can be saved to the hard drive of your computer also, just to make sure you don't loose them. Both services are fantastic and I would recommend the 8mm transfers to anyone with film form the 1932 introduction of the original Kodachrome on up through today's higher speed film stocks, to use Pixcel and Call them today! Save your family home movies, only 52% of all films made from 1932 until 1960 are still in existence today. Don't wait, save what you still have for future generations in your faily. If nothing tangible is left behind, the past seems t far away.


Mark G.

Almost 2 months and I had to call several times and was lied to in many different ways as to why my client's 3 minute film was NOT DONE YET! Every childish excuse was tried.. "We are reviewing it", it is being scanned, etc... I sure hope they eventually send it on! I am NEVER going to use these children again. Promises made were NOT kept. I think they are on the brink of shutting down for good., They said they would refund or credit due to the problem, but later I was told I was mistaken. They eventually told me "they send it out" and the "other company" had not gotten to it yet!!


Ches W.

I had them handle an 8mm project from the 80's. They stabilized the images (8mm can be be shaky), and removed the dust and many scratches. It looked great!


Dee W.

This was really fantastic - I was able to snag a Groupon which allowed to get a vhs-dvd transfer for only $10 (usual price is $20 for a basic transfer) and their turn around time (around the holidays), they told me that it would take 2-3 days. Imagine my surprise when they emailed and called the next day telling me that it was ready. The quality was pretty decent given the price that I paid. I could have paid more for a better quality but all I needed was a basic transfer and I appreciate having the various chapters now available. Thanks again! Great customer service makes this place 5 stars in my book.


Karen S.

They did a really good job with my wedding video. I now have something that will preserve with time and can bring back happy memories for years to come! I'm looking to come back and have other things transfered by them. The level of customer service was spectacular!!! A++++ in every way!